Sugar & Papercuts is an anonymous blog written by an abuse victim and survivor. To protect myself from my abusers, I’m writing under a pseudonym, Sabre. To keep myself safe, I will never name my abusers or myself, but I will tell you how they’re related to me and what they’ve done to me.


The purpose of Sugar & Papercuts is to give hope and help to victims and survivors of abuse. I am not a professional by any means. But I know that if I tell my story, it will help people feel like they’re not alone, and it may give someone the courage to leave the dangerous situation they’re in.


The name “Sugar & Papercuts” originated from the title of two arcs that I’m writing for my modern fantasy world. In both arcs, my protagonist goes through a lot of painful character growth and soul searching, only to come out stronger on the other side.

Sometimes life is sweet. Sometimes it feels like we’re covered in a million papercuts. This blog is for both life’s sweet and painful moments.